Photography in motion and emotion

by Annika Müller – mountain sports and
travel journalist


“Traveling and shooting with climber and photographer Claudia Ziegler in the outdoor environment, in a constant quest for the most interesting light and atmospheric conditions, means experiencing moments of beauty, drama and, above all, intensity.

Her energy is contagious: no wonder she’s one of the very few women to have made a name for herself in the male-dominated field of outdoor and mountain-sports photography.

Claudia’s images are used in catalogs for such prestigious international companies as Salewa, Jack Wolfskin, Ice Peak and Rukka. Her pictures also feature regularly in magazine publications throughout Europe and the USA.

It all began when Claudia, born in Vienna and now living close to Salzburg, went on a two month trip on an icebreaker-ship to the Arctic for her diploma in photography at the Höhere Graphische, Vienna. In addition to her art-degree at the school of Frieda Kubelka she has also worked for the photo agency Anzenberger, where she was not only responsible for photo selection but also involved in marketing.

Claudia calls her individual style “dynamic photography” which is her way of expressing the constant tensions between the activity she is shooting, the naturalness of the environment and the originality she brings to her images.

Her chief focus is on climbers, mountain bikers, skiers and hikers but she also covers other outdoor sports, such as canyoning, paragliding, high lining and base jumping.”