Prortrait Seb
Sebastian Straub

Shooting the perfect photo on location under time pressure is a true art. Claudia understands better than most others, even under the most difficult conditions, capture the perfect moment in the picture. Unerringly, she meets the customer’s taste and also spreads the good mood on the set. Working with her is really fun.

Steffen Rückschloss
LEKI Lenhart GmbH

Claudia just shoots everything! For hours in the cold mountain lake, for hours in constant rain, always non-stop hunting for the perfect picture.

The mix of her easy-going nature and professionalism has made each shoot with her a special experience with spectacular pictures at the end of the day.

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Ski amadé

Ski amadé has been successfully working with Austrian outdoor and tourism photographer Claudia Ziegler for over 6 years now. She understands how to convey enjoyable moments, special light moods, emotions and also action-packed scenes in such a way that it motivates people to want to experience such a unique ski day or vacation.

Flexibility and spontaneity are very important for us as a customer, especially as an outdoor shoot in the mountains is often difficult to plan.

Capturing the best moments, the love of detail and your own passion for skiing can be seen and felt in every one of Claudia’s pictures. We look back on very successful cooperation and look forward to further assignments that we can implement together with Claudia.

Romana Steiner

When we work with Claudia, the results are always amazing. Her years of experience in outdoor and especially climbing photography definitely pay off.
She is super professional, absolutely focused and always 100% reliable.
We appreciate her creative way of work and her hands-on mentality. Working with her is super fun and she has the ability to connect easily with new people.

Florian Scheimpflug
Climax Magazine
Editor in Chief

We have been working together with Claudia Ziegler for more than 10 years. In today’s short-lived world, this is becoming ever rarer. Long relationships hold only when everything fits. That’s just the case with the Claudia: not only are her photos of the very best quality, but also her consistency and reliability make her a pleasure to work with. This woman just knows how it works!

One thing is certain: Without her, without her photos, CLIMAX Magazine would not be as pretty as it is.




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